Dear Colleagues,

The COVID-19 outbreak was declared a worldwide pandemic by the WHO on March 11, 2020. Since then, the situation has seriously affected life in Turkey and all over the world. Undoubtedly, the pandemic is causing changes that are likely to be permanent in the long run. Surprisingly, in accordance with the recommendations and measures taken by the WHO to control the worldwide spread of the virus, there is no definite international vaccine and treatment algorithm. Vaccine supply chains, supply-demand balances, producer / consumer behaviors, business methods, working models and education-training methods differ strongly according to the health systems of the countries.

As vaccine and drug development continue at full speed, the importance of microbiological studies has increased immensely. Thus, the need for effective virulence analysis in pandemics has emerged in microbiology. While the current COVD-19 pandemic continues, the first digital congress of “Pandemic Effective Virulence Analysis in Microbiology” with international participation will be held. This congress will not only define the current situation of the pandemic, but also make serious contributions to medically strategic decisions with regard to developing vaccines and drugs.To provide improved control and preparation for the consequences of the current and upcoming global pandemics, virulence needs to be examined by re-evaluating the disease-causing abilities of microorganisms. Moreover, ethical solutions for drug and vaccine production stages, phase studies, supply chains and globally equal distribution regarding the supply/demand of countries must be researched.

In this sense, with the first virtual congress on “Pandemic Effective Virulence Analysis in Microbiology” with international expert participation, experiences and innovations in the field of microbiology and vaccine and drug supply chain development will be shared with the participants in a multidisciplinary manner and will allow them to share their knowledge and impressions with us

The “1st congress of Pandemic Effective Virulence Analysis in Microbiology” will be held on a digital platform between November 05-07, 2021, in Ankara.

We expect relevant scientists from Turkey and different WHO affiliated countries to attend the congress. Besides, to ensure that the benefit gained from the congress program reaches the maximum for all participants, national and international medical students, multidisciplinary science, and biology students as well as employees of biotechnology institutes will have the opportunity to participate at the virtual congress as listeners free of charge. Additionally, national and international scientific studies in the field of pre-clinical and clinical microbiology will be published as PDF in the online congress book. Consequently, for the first time worldwide, both thematic and strategic knowledge about “Pandemic Effective Virulence Analysis in Microbiology” will be provid.

Therefore, with your support, we aim to organize a scientific, sharing and participatory congress in order to contribute to the constantly developing science world.

We are happy and honored to invite you all to the first meeting of the virtual“1stCongress on Pandemic Effective Virulence Analysis in Microbiology” which will be held on November 05-07, 2021. We are looking forward to your participation with your scientific papers. See you all at our online congress!

Kind regards,


Assoc. Prof. M.D. &Ph.D.Dilek DÜLGER                   Prof. Dr. Ahmet Zeki ŞENGİL

29 Mayıs State Hospital Chief Physician                Ankara Medipol University Rector

Congress President                                                 Congress President

Latest Research Results

We will discuss the latest research results on the Covid-19 pandemic with experts in the respective fields.

Expert Academics in the Field

We will evaluate the latest developments together with academicians and participants who are experts in their fields.