Abstract Submission 

Abstract Submission Deadline: 01.11.2021

• Our congress is in accordance with the regulations of the relevant international institutions and meets the criteria for associate professorship published in 2021 Digital paper submissions should be sent to or please clIck for the abstract... 

• The abstracts to be sent will be considered as oral presentations. The posting rule of maximum two (2) submissions apply for all participants. All papers that pass the referee process will be accepted to the congress. 

• You will be notified of the Referee's evaluation result within a maximum of five (5) days. 

• Papers must not have been published or presented anywhere before. 

• Original research, database analysis, case reports and review studies can be accepted as papers. 

• Scientific and legal responsibility of the papers belongs to the authors. In case the congress booklet is published on the congress page at the end of the congress, the Organizing Committee, the Advisory Board, and the Scientific Committee do not take responsibility for intellectual property rights. 

• Papers that have completed the congress registration process and paid the fee will be accepted. Paper owners that do not register for the congress will not be able to present their work in the congress. 

• Papers that are not presented at the congress will not be published in the congress booklet, even if the abstracts have been accepted. 

• Please do not forget to enter a valid e-mail address and mobile phone numberto the system when registering in order to avoid communication problems. 

• Papers not sent in accordance with the rules stated above will not be evaluated.

Matters to be Considered During the Registration Stage

• Before starting, please follow the steps below: 

• The contact information of the person who will make the presentation must valid and complete (name,surname, e-mail address, mobile phonenumber, institution information, address)


• Please write the title of the abstract in capital letters and avoid the use of abbreviations in the title. 

• The abstract should include the title of the paper, the authors name(s), title(s),affiliated institution(s), e-mail address and telephone number(s). • Keywords used in the abstract must be at least (three) and at most 6 (six). Write all keywords in lower case except proper nouns and do not put punctuation marks at the end of the words. 

• Your abstracts should be structured as; "Introduction-Purpose", "Materials-Methods", "Findings","Discussion-Conclusion", and "Keywords". Your case reports should include an Introduction, the Case/Cases, and a Conclusion. In addition to the abstract, please specify these headings in the presentations to be made. 

• The text of the abstract should be in the range of 200-300 words for each language. This limitation refers only to the abstracts and does not include the title, author information and keywords. 

• The abstract should be written on A4 paper, with 2.5 cm margins on the left, top, right and bottom, 12 font size, Times New Roman font, and single line spacing. 

• You can make updates in the abstracts in the same paper before sending it to the referees for evaluation. Updates uploaded as new submissions will not be considered. 

• Send your abstracts in word/doc format to by 15.10.2021at the latest.

Full-Text Submission Rules

Full-Text Papers

• The paper should be written in Microsoft Word on A4 paper with 2.5 cm margins on the left, top, right and bottom. The paper should be a maximum of 15 pages, including the bibliography.

• The text of the paper should be written using 12-point Times New Roman font, single line spacing, and one line spacing between paragraphs.

 • First-degree section titles should be written in capital letters and bold.In second-degree and other subsection titles, the first letter of each word should be written in capital letters and bold. 

• Tables and figures should be numbered consecutively in the paper. 

• At the end of the text, the sources used should be written in alphabetical order according to the surname of the authors, in 11 font size, with one line spacing between the references. 

• Please prepare your abstracts and full texts according to the following template:

for Abstract Text Template (MSWord) clıck here
for Full Text Template (MSWord) clıck here

Important Dates






Congress Center

The 1st Congress of Pandemic Effective Virulence Analysis in Microbiology with National and International Participation will be held online on November 05-07,2021 on a digital platform

Language of the Congress

The official languages of the congress are Turkish and English. In line with the scientific program, simultaneous translation from English to Turkish & Turkish to English will be provided.

Registration and Consultation Services

You can get answers to all your questions regarding your registration/participation and technical issues by contacting the Organization Secretariat via. 
E-Mail: Tel: +90 5339574258

Invitation letter

Upon request, an invitation letter will be sent to the participants who have completed the registration process. This invitation letter only aims to support the participants get permission from the institutions they are affiliated with and will not provide any financial support to the participant. All authors' valid e-mail addresses and mobile phone numbers must be reported in your e-mail when submitting your Abstract. In case of missing e-mail addresses or mobile phone numbers, your application will not be evaluated

Certificate of participation

Participation certificates of all participants who register to the congress and access the online digital platform will be digitally accessible.

Publication of Papers

The congress booklet will be published as ane-book with an ISBN number

Services Included in the Registration Fee

• VAT is included in the registration fee. 
• All participants are required to register to the congress. 
• Access to all live sessions to be held on the online platform during the congress dates. 
• Access to sessions held on the online platform, which will be available for 3 months after the congress. 
• Access to the papers presented within the scope of the congress. 
• Congress e-book and online certificate (participation in meetings is measured by the system).